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Leveraging the full potential of leaders.

Leaders have to ensure the stability and efficiency of the company, while at the same time driving change and innovation.

What is the best way to identify and develop suitable leaders who can lead companies into a promising future tomorrow and the day after?

Based on the latest findings from leadership research and on competitive advantages in the information society, we have identified six dimensions that are essential for tomorrow’s leader.

The 6D-Leader method provides a valid, objective analysis of personality and leadership skills. Through the biographical interview, the focus of the analysis is on the individual. The method is international and therefore applicable across cultures.

It considers the demands of the market in a complex world (VUKA) and ensures comparability while taking individuality into account.

We validate leaders at the highest level

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People only develop when they see a benefit for themselves. Leadership development is therefore individual, wide-ranging and very personal.

What has formed your executives? What talents and potentials can they unleash themselves? Where do they stand and where do they want to go? Why have they become managers? What behavior should they demonstrate in the existing corporate culture, does it suit them and where do they bend themselves?

All this and much more needs to be asked in order to be able to provide focused, effective development measures.

Our 6D-Leader biographical interview with two experienced consultants and the associated development discussion forms the framework for this. We have developed the 6D-Leader Interview on the basis of the latest findings from leadership research and considering the competitive advantages in the information society.

The 6D-Leader is founded on an ideal image of future-oriented leadership. It enables the most objective perspective possible and a valid assessment of leadership behavior.

The external validation in a protected atmosphere also supports the opening up of the innermost aspects.

The results of the 6D Leader interviews and the culture monitor form the basis for concrete measures to develop the leadership culture. In this way, the leadership culture can be developed in a systematic way, also in accordance with the strategic orientation.

We grow leaders individuality

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Which is bigger? The client’s often illusionary image of the ideal candidate or the illusion of the ideal candidate?

Both usually do not correspond to reality. In the daily cooperation it leads to expectations that often cannot be fulfilled on both sides.

Dissatisfaction and devaluation of the other person are the result in more than half of external appointments.

Organizations suffer and endure. Economically, time and money are lost. The recruitment is de facto failed.

This is the insight we have gained from over 30 years of experience in searching for and placing top executives.

That is why we first like to get to know you, as our client, very well. What do you really want and what are you allowing others to do in your area of responsibility, especially when uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and pace are rampant?

Where are your skills and talents as a hiring manager? What is your goal
in filling a vacancy?
What are the motives behind it?

Once we understand this, we start looking at the competencies of the search profile, the target companies and the potential candidates. Throughout the process, we draw on proven tools and methods of diagnostics and our assessment expertise.

We are precise, clear and fast! Due to our consulting focus on organizational leadership and management, we have strong human relationships that we can leverage during the search.

For all other steps we work like typical HR consultants to whom we have a good network. We are not in competition with them, but in symbiosis to fill positions for you quickly and sustainably.

We place leaders contextually and deliberately

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Corporate culture has a measurable impact on business success.

Every day, we are confronted with the digital VUCA world. This requires openness and honest willingness to rethink leadership. Only then transformations in collective leadership behavior can be made tangible and experienced in the further development of corporate culture.

Team and corporate culture is shaped by people’s experiences. Through socialized rituals, values and attitudes. The main role has the managers.

Their demonstrated behavior gives employees, suppliers and customers orientation as to which culture is “desired” in the company.

Niccolò Machiavelli said: “The best way to recognize the intelligence of a leader is to look at the people he has by his side.”

That’s why our approach to develop your company and team culture focuses on leaders and their teams before implementing other specific measures for and with you.

The leaders and the practiced behavior

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Together, we make the vision become reality – that is our aspiration!

You have a business idea that you would like to implement successfully – whether within a company, as a spin-off or as a start-up.

As an enthusiastic, ambitious innovator, you tend to view your business idea through a subjective filter. The idea is in the foreground and you assume that customers will see it the same way. You believe in your business model and in yourself. You see only signals and financials that confirm your own assumptions.

To make sure that your business idea succeeds, we develop an approach together that integrates leadership, vision, strategy and structure.

We support you in all management and control relevant topics and develop the business model together with you.

In addition, you normally do not ask yourself before the operational implementation starts whether you would like to be a leader yourself and which leadership principles you have.

We support you with a structured and neutral view on facts and emotions.

We see the uniqueness of business ideas

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