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"As Vice President Executive Development Michaela Bürger staffs key functions at the Siemens Group on a global level. She is “motivating and truly not status focused, but you still know who the boss is” . As a matter of course she has the awareness that “my team is worth more than twice as much as myself”. Respectively is the echo: ”First of all she is competent, secondly open minded with a honest character which is not easy for everyone to handle, but I like it. And thirdly she has” humor” says one of her fellow employees. Especially the latter distinguishes her from her male colleagues. And additionally “ she has a good sense for reading situations."
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Michaela Bürger studied business administration with a major in personnel management and has more than 20 years of experience in operative and strategic personnel functions.

Prior to joining a management and executive research consultancy she supervised and established the personnel development for the top management of an international German corporate group.

In order to broaden her experience she worked as a member of the management board of a medium-sized company in the printing industry for one year.

Michaela Bürger is of an entrepreneurial apprehension with comprehensive industry knowledge, paired with a deep appreciation for the people within a company.

Among her strengths she is an expert in identifying and understanding the comprehensive systems of business, structures and coherences in companies as well as in the formation and execution of solution-oriented personnel development concepts for our clients.