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"I do believe that humble leadership is sufficiently different from traditional transactional leadership. But it requires a different mindset that has to be personally arrived at. The best place to start is with yourself and see if you can evolve a broader mindset and reduce your blind spots, before influencing a larger group of people."
Edgar H. Schein, 2017
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An innovative approach for management evaluation and talent development

The most constant in life is change. The transformation from an industrial society to a digital world is in full progress.

It’s a fact that change will also represent a quantum leap for leadership.

Managers have to establish and control small as well as full functional business units fast. Virtual presence, worldwide reach, rapidity in an interconnected organization and peripheral productions are the parameters.

Managers have to show qualities that allow them to hire the right employees, to motivate, to develop and to attract them during fast changing environment and fierce competition in the future. And precisely in that order.

How do you identify the most suitable leaders/managers to lead the company into a promising future tomorrow and beyond?

Based on the latest findings of leadership research and the foundation of competitive advantages of the information society we – Michaela Bürger Consulting - have identified six dimensions that are essential for leaders of tomorrow: the so-called “The Six Dimension (6D-) Leader”.

The 6D-Leader represents a leader whose force and strength is developed by the combination of abilities based on the six dimensions!

Naturally the 6D-Leader describes a prototype with a full range of expressions in every dimension which does not exist in reality. It aims rather as an identification and development model for leadership development and is internationally applicable.

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